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There are not enough words to describe the atrocities happening in Ukraine right now.

Who would have thought we would have a full-out war in our lifetime.

It just doesn’t seem appropriate to release happy music right now, when so many people are in pain, but because we are musicians, we have to do something.

The artists from Sobel Promotions got together and put together a charity album.

100%% of the proceeds will be donated to IFAW. This organization is working with local partners to get supplies to wildlife sanctuaries and animal shelters in Ukraine, as well as groups supporting refugees in surrounding countries. (www.ifaw.org).

Pray For Peace for the people and animals in Ukraine, as well as the Russian people.

We do not blame you for the actions of your leader.

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  1. Tee Green – War
  2. Steve Etherington – Love Shines A Light
  3. Lightyear – Miracles
  4. Tight Fit – The Lion Sleeps Tonight (LA Rush Radio Edit)
  5. Leo Frappier Ft. Outer Sunset – Feel My Magic
  6. Jay Cee – Rise (Everyday We Will Fight) (Slava Ukraini)
  7. Escalation x Golden Boy – Imminent Danger
  8. Carly Ozard x Jay Cee – Borders
  9. Donny ft. Jeff Mace – Rady For War
  10. RG – If I Had My Way
  11. Nick Papadatos – Silver Lining
  12. They. Them.Us – Blowin’ In The Wind
  13. RG ft Casey & Nick B – Take A Chance
  14. EEDB – Isolation