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Over A Year. Meghan Markle Promised Proof. The Only Proven Racist Is Prince Harry

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Over a year ago, Prince Harry and Harry’s wife, the former cable tv actress and, former yacht girl Meghan Markle appeared on Oprah to tell ‘their truth,’ which has been disproven as lies.

Too bad Oprah’s producer didn’t check things out prior.

The Oprah interview was so damaging to Oprah because of the proven lies that she had it removed before it hurt her career.

Also, Archbishop Justin Welby was forced to make a statement telling the world they lied.  How embarrassing!  Getting called out as liars by a man of God.  We won’t discuss the insult to the British people who paid for their wedding.

I couldn’t find any other time in history an Archbishop had to come out and say that two people lied about a marriage he performed.  A first!

Another statement that the couple made was that  Harry’s wife experienced racism.

This is something that supporters of the duo (lovingly nicknamed ‘sugars,’ have regurgitated ad nauseam.)

Racism is something to be taken very seriously. It isn’t something to be thrown out lightly, especially, when there is absolutely no proof.

Harry’s wife claimed she experienced racism within the Royal Family. She stated over a year ago she had ‘proof’ and promised would release it.

Oprah’s best friend Gayle King went on tv and parroted the sentiment. Harry’s wife experienced racist acts! We are going to release the proof!

Gayle King did not respond to our request for a statement at the time of printing.

Flash forward one year. Where is the proof?  Where are the emails Harry’s wife has? Can’t Sunshine Sachs release it?  They release stories every single day torturing us with nonsense. How about releasing something of substance?

Sunshine Sachs wants to keep her name in the news.  Releasing the promised proof which would prove she Haz are not lying (once again.)

We know that Harry’s wife suffers from ‘opportunistic dementia’ and ‘forgot’ that she helped give information for a book about her life.

Odd. She kept track of all the racist acts she experienced, told a story on ‘Ellen’ about how she used to climb in through the trunk of her car after auditions (a claim denied by her family), but doesn’t remember she wrote emails about her book.

Doesn’t seem normal, does it?  Doesn’t seem like something any rational adult would forget. But I digress.

After all. It is perfectly normal for a person to forget how they collaborated on a book about one’s life. Right?

Recollections may vary after all.

Makes you wonder what else she forgot about.

Odd-looking pregnancy, and admission (isn’t it horrible how tweets are forever despite deletion?)  Also odd. How she billed herself to the public as being caucasian.

I can see how one can forget how one’s father is giving his son who is an adult with a wife and child millions. Happens every day.   Or maybe it’s ‘opportunistic dementia?” After all. His wife suffers from it.

I am a 53-year-old female who is 99.9% Ashkenazi Jew (.1% indigenous American) and grew up in the LGBT community. I experienced racism personally. It was the times, and was considered ‘normal.’ The same way that blacks used to sit in the back of the bus.

I can tell you when and who I experienced racist acts from.  I can tell you the time somebody held me down and shaved my head to see if there was a ‘666’ on my head.  I can remember the names I was called on the bus going to school.  I can tell you the times I was beaten.

It is something you don’t forget, and ‘recollections DON’T vary,’ and they won’t… if it is factual.

Anybody who experienced TRUE racism will most probably remember every minute detail.

Do I have actual proof? No. We didn’t have emails back then. We didn’t file police reports. It was a different time. However, my parents would be able to back me up and give names. The stories will not change. My family knew.  The school knew.

Harry’s wife is lucky. She told millions of people she had PROOF.  What an amazing woman.  Keeps everything!!!

So where is it? Why is it so difficult to release proof that not only did Gayle King promise to release, but Harry and Harry’s wife said they would do so? They sue for everything,

Were they lying when they promised to release the proof? Wouldn’t be the first time.

Were there racist Royals? Absolutely. There was a time in history when there was racism, and it was more socially acceptable.  The question is… WHEN did the racism occur?  Was it the 1800’s or the 21st Century?

Again. The Royals have a racist history. The question is… what did the individuals alive now who witnessed the racism adapt it into their own lives.  Did they continue spewing racist acts?

Heck. I can tell you the racist people within my own family.

In 2022, racism exists.  Take a look at Republicans, Trump supporters, Fox News, teachers… people are racist. Racism exists.

Personally,  I saw racist people within my family. I knew it was wrong. I didn’t want to become a racist. So, I didn’t. One can be surrounded by racism and ‘just say no.’

I grew into a 53-year-old woman who is not racist. See how it works? One has free will not to go down the path following learned behavior and one can change it.

Let’s say, hypothetically, Harry grew up within a racist family. Then why did the great humanitarian choose racism? Did a person hold a gun to his head and tell him he must put on a Nazi Uniform for example? One does not have to choose racism.

I don’t believe ‘learned behavior.’  If one does not have racism in them, they won’t suddenly become racist.  If somebody told me to lie about knowing who the Royal Family is, I couldn’t.  It’s not in me to lie.

As facts matter, and proof matters (something Harry and his wife won’t provide), here are some examples where a grown man chooses racism out of his own free will.

My personal favorite.  A year after the Nazi Uniform stint (where he was forced to apologize) he did it again!  Another racist act. Which would show to the world he DID NOT learn his lesson.

But then again. Even further down the line, he made racist comments regarding his then-girlfriend Chelsy Davy (see above)

It should also be noted. Harry has the honorable distinction of being so racist while in uniform representing the Queen and citizens, that he was condemned by the Prime Minister! Congratulations Harry! I’m sure the citizens of the United Kingdom loved having a proven racist represent them and their country!

Does racism in the 21st Century exist within the Royal Family? Yes. The proof that we actually have is Prince Harry committed multiple racist acts over and over again.

After the Nazi uniform incident (in which he apologized), it was not a one-off or a stupid mistake. He continued to act in a racist manner.

Harry’s wife said she experienced racism. She promised to provide the proof. After a year without the promised proof, one can assume she was either lying about having proof…. or it never happened.

By the way. This is not a coordinated attack as people will undoubtedly say. If one goes against Harry’s wife, that is her supporters ‘go to’ statement.

If anybody has proof that racism actually occurred, please post evidence. Harry and his wife lied and won’t.

Proof… or it never happened.  It’s so easy to clear up.  Yet the people who want a ‘private life’ who has lied more times than I can count, keep the charade going.

It never happened.  Prove me wrong.  With Proof.

Maybe Rebecca Sananes who was hired in 2021 as Head Of Audio at Archewell overseeing Spotify (odd Spotify had to hire producers), or Nishika Kumble also hired at the same time as senior vice president of scripted TV for Archewell Productions to provide Netflix content can dedicate a show to the matter and clear things up.


  1. The lies just keep on growing & growing & yet anybody who dares to question these lies is then known as a hater! Yankee Wally has been through four years of hell for exposing these lies. She is a 65 year old age pensioner from Wales U.K. & she is loved& respected by thousands of people. Thank you so much to this radio station for giving Wally her voice back after her You Tube channel was taken down due to mass bot reporting her channel. Yankee Wally has done nothing wrong. Now, I wonder who could possibly want to silence her

  2. Wally must have been getting too close to the truth. Meagain M.O is to grift and obtain an income from the compensation culture but she could not take legal action against Wally, Sue, Gurty or others because she would have to provide evidence and the truth (the real truth not their truth) is an absolute defence to claim of defamation. There have been suggestions that Wally has harassed Meagain i.e. that there is a repeated pattern or course of conduct by Wally but by her own admission Meagain does not use social media so go figure. Wallys intention is to bring the truth to the public domain. Meagain has not suffered any loss because no other party wants to work with her, regardless of Wallys journalist endeavors. C Douzy is the creator of a single purpose hate campaign that continues to bully our Wally and others. Our freedom of speech us under attack and the cancel culture prevents any attempt to have a rational debate with members of the cult known as the sussex squad who prefer to exist in their echo chamber of hatred and victimization. I am happy that Wally has been given a platform to share her research findings and personal perspective. Well done Rainbow FM and the Mexiteers x

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